3E Medical is a full line supplier of medical equipment used in Hospitals and Home Care, and a third-party service organization for Medical Equipment. We specialize in being the service supplier to medical equipment manufacturers. Because medical equipment technology is rapidly evolving and new devices are frequently introduced. Increased demand for healthcare services and increasing complexity of the medical equipment used in hospitals will result in a greater need for outsourcing Depot Service and will further spur growth of Medical Equipment Repair Centers.

We started in Erbil providing hospitals, laboratories, and universities wide range of microscopes, basic laboratory equipment, glass wares, spectrophotometers, ovens, incubators, physical experiments, simple gas chromatograph, liquid chromatography.

Now we are  providing healthcare facilities: 
  • Wound Care products to help in healing Chronic wounds.
  • RFID solution for tracking and managing their assets.


That oxygen is essential for life is well established, but what is becoming increasingly recognized is that it is essential for wound healing as well. In clinical settings, oxygen is now being studied to better understand how it may be included in routine clinical use.

NATROX™ is a class 11 medical device licensed under Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC which enables clinicians to prescribe pure humidified oxygen applied directly to a wound to assist wound healing in chronic or non healing wounds.

NATROX™ lightweight and compact size allows 24/7 oxygen therapy for patients at home or in the hospital setting. It can be worn under clothing during the day in the pouch provided and positioned comfortably at night.


ENLUXTRA "Any Wound" Functionally Self-Adaptive Dressing is the first dressing that is capable to sense the wound's need and to act in accordance with it. If a wound or even part of it changes its state while the Self-Adaptive Dressing is on, the dressing will automatically and reversibly change its function at this particular area.

"What is Self-Adaptive functionality?"

 - if,  for some reason, part of a dry/granulating wound unexpectedly started exuding, the dressing at this area would switch its function from hydration to absorption, while all other areas would continue to hydrate the dry parts of the wound. 

  - if the wound would stopped exuding, the function of the dressing would revert back to hydration. 

With this technology, maceration and desiccation will never occur, thus resulting in a more desirable healing process of any wound in any wound stage.


Healthcare is at a cross roads. The combination of economic down-turn, reduced reimbursement rates, rising complexity of regulations, and uncertainty of the future has placed extra strain on hospital management, employees, and associated medical staff to accelerate their efforts to change. Although quality and performance improvements have been areas of focus in hospitals over the years, operational excellence, breakthrough process redesign, and establishing organization-wide cultures of change and continuous improvement have become strategic imperatives throughout healthcare. These strategies require an optimum blend of people, process, and technology to deliver the kinds of cost, quality, and capacity improvements required for the future. Knowing where patients are as their care journey progresses through the hospital, capturing the time and location of care delivery events and activities, and locating the nearest available piece of critical medical equipment are just a few of the potential applications for Radio Frequency Identification (RFID).Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a fast developing technology. It uses radio waves for data collection and transfer. It can capture data efficiently and automatically without human intervention.


  • Tracking & Asset Management:
    • Asset Management is the ideal starting point with Tracking system solutions.
    • Optimized Asset Tracking System can provide measurable hard-dollar cost savings.
    • Tracking assets is less disruptive and easier to accept than tracking people.
    • Starting with asset management provides a solid foundation to enhance other processes, such as patient flow.

  • Solution Component:
    • The solution Consist of Tag and Reader.
1. Tag:

There are two main types of Tags:
  • Passive Tags (free-Battery Tags): Tag powered by energy from RFID reader.
  • Active Tags (Battery Tags): Tag Powered by itself, Range ~ 5m, Longer read range 50-100 m (depends on battery).
2. Reader:

There are two main types of Reader:
  • Mobile
  • 2D bar code reader.
  • Camera (with flash).
  • Bluetooth.
  • GPS (for location aware applications).
  • HSDPA 3G cellular connectivity for use beyond corporate WiFi areas.
  • Fixed
  • Ethernet.
  • Antenna.


Adaptable , light ,fast,radiotransparent,safe,breathable,hypoallergenic,adjustableand 100% Italian.
Easy block is the new splint that can support any type of immobilization in the emergency room 
and in the posttraumatic treatment. It is made in pure conttonwhere in touch with skin and it 
consists of a soft anallergicrubber ,an adaptable aluminiumalloy , a stabilizing bar and rubber 
covered by a protection film . Easy block is the ideal solution in any type of immobilization .
Reliable, practical and easy to use . Easy block is an Italian product that was awarded the 
Artsantiywarranty , which has been working for most demanding orthopaedicsurgery !

Medical Software


Without a digitized system, an efficient hospital or clinic cannot function in this day and age. Store in one place patient records, scheduling, billing and financials, all optimized for fast searching and collaboration.


Reduce Operational Costs: Save monthly on your budget, by cutting the cost of hiring additional employees, office space and time used in your organization.

Serve More Patients: Use the enhanced patient workflow and increased productivity, to ultimately increase the number of patients served per day.

Less Errors: Reduce invoicing and dispensing errors, by turning to the automated way of generating medical invoices and claims.

Own and Control Your Database: With your database on premise, no third party can peek and read your sensitive information, like business financial or patient records.

All the Support You Need: Our team and our regional partners will assist you in setting up and maintaining your implementation.

Pay Once, Use Forever: Save on the long term with onetime payment and use forever licenses, compared to monthly fees forever.

Download Here:

 We have 3 different versions based on the scale of load or features:

1- Clinic Manager (Standard):

2- Clinic Manager (Advanced):

3- Hospital Management System:

To be sure that Patient Manager or Hospital Manager is the right choice for you, assess your needs based on the table of features for each version and then download the respective Demo Version for 30 days for FREE. During this period the program will run with all features activated.

You can request a free license directly from the program or by emailing us. For an extended trial period contact us at [email protected]

Principelle Wound care

Principelle Matrix

Principelle Matrix is a next generation sterile composite hydrogel wound dressing. Its design is based on a naturally occurring bioactive process. Mimicking this process synthetically allowed for a close match to the complex processes that take place in chronic wounds.

Principelle IF

Principelle IF® is a sterile wound dressing, comprising an inert acetate substrate impregnated with an ointment containing a blend of trace elements and medical grade honey. The formulation for dressings contains no synthetic components. Minerals, trace elements, and oxides are directly blended with medical grade dark buckwheat honey.

Xeroform Petrolatum dressing

Petrolatum dressing with 3% Bismuth Tribromophenate

The only occlusive, non-adherent and bacteriostatic primary wound contact layer. The active ingredient is 2,4,6 Bismuth Tribromophenate.


Indications for use:

It is intended for use as a primary contact layer in acute, traumatic and chronic wounds such as lacerations, skin graft and flaps, skin graft donor sites, post-surgical and sutured wounds, abrasions, minor and partial thickness burns, acute or chronic infected wounds, and wounds with exposed tendons or bone.


Markets :

Acute, traumatic, chronic and surgical wounds. Military market.

Product highlights


Value for money

The active substance in XEROFORM (Bi-Tribromophenate) is bacteriostatic, protects the wound for infection and promotes epithelialization. Additionally bismuth has a deodorizing effect and helps to manage malodor in wounds.



XEROFORM is used for many years successfully in wound healing. It is standard of care in burn treatment.


Easy to use

The dressing is bacteriostatic, non-adherent and occlusive to provide a moist wound healing environment.

Anasept Antimicrobial Skin & Wound Cleanser

Anasept is an extremely safe and gentle antimicrobial skin and wound cleanser with exceptionally rapid broad-spectrum bactericidal, and fungicidal properties. Anasept is a very pure, completely colorless, isotonic, tissue compatible solution. Anasept is stable for 24 months at room temperature and is free of necrotizing chemicals such as sodium hydroxide, borates or carbonates found in other antiseptic products. Anasept will not cause those unsightly brown Povidone iodine stains.


Professional Use:

Anasept Antimicrobial Skin and Wound Cleanser is intended for use under the supervision of a healthcare professional for the cleansing of foreign materials including micro-organisms from wounds such as stage I-IV pressure ulcers, diabetic foot ulcers, post surgical wounds, first and second degree burns, grafted and donor sites.


Anasept Antimicrobial Skin & Wound Cleanser is intended for OTC use for mechanical cleansing & removal of dirt, debris & foreign material from skin abrasions, lacerations, minor irritations, cuts, exit sites & intact skin.

Rapid Action:

Anasept demonstrates exceptionally rapid microbiocidal action. Most pathogenic organisms are killed within 2 minutes or less following application. There are no known microbial resistance to Anasept including the antibiotic resistance strains of MRSA, VRE, CRE, Acinetobacter baumannii, and Clostridium difficile.

Clinically Tested:

Clinically proven to reduce wound bioburden levels and improve the rate of healing .


Anasept has been subjected to rigorous safety testing at an independent laboratory and has shown to meet the criteria for safe use.

  • Modified Primary Skin Irritation (FHSA method -­ 7 day exposure with repeated insult to intact and abraded skin)
  • Cytotoxicity (1S0 Agarose Overlay method)
  • Systemic toxicity (ISO Acute Systemic Toxicity)
  • ISO Sanitization Study

Test results available upon request

Environmentally Friendly:

Anasept does not leave any toxic residues or by-products. Anasept chemically breaks down into salt and water and is completely safe for disposal in the public sewer system.


Nanoderm, a new bioengineered product, is a nanofiber based film of pure cellulose. Its average thickness is 0.05 mm, and its selective permeability allows for the passage of water vapor but inhibits the passage of water and microorganisms. Nanoderm manufactured in Canada was developed using state-of-the-art technology and it is especially indicated for the treatment of lesions where there is a loss of skin. Since Nanoderm is manufactured using a biologically inert substance, it does not cause any type of rejection and adheres naturally to the open wound (without the need for any type of adhesive). It forms a tight seal around the wound, thus allowing for a quick renewal of the epithelium and minimizing hydroelectrolytic losses. Nanoderm eliminates the conditions for bacterial proliferation and significantly abates pain symptoms. It is semi-transparent allowing for an easy check of progress of healing, without having to remove the wound dressing. In summary, Nanoderm complies with most of the ideal requirements for a temporary skin substitute.

S2 Medical Wound Care

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The skin is a protective barrier that prevents infections, fluid and heat loss. A breach in this barrier will therefor cause an immediate need for protection. Epiprotect® forms a cell free temporary barrier that can replace the lost epithelium, making it perfect for advanced wound care settings. Epiprotect® will not only cover the wound but also help the body to control the microenvironment, keeping tissue viable. Epiprotect® is available in a line of conformable wound dressings based on our eiratex® material technology. 
Epiprotect®2117 has a size of 21x17 cm and was developed for burn care, but can also be used for large chronic ulcers. The dressing comes packaged in salt solution and is ready to use.

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The skin is a protective barrier that prevents infections, fluid and heat loss. A breach in this barrier will therefor cause an immediate need for protection. Epiprotect® forms a cell free temporary epithe- lium that can replace the lost barier, making it perfect for advanced wound care settings. Epiprotect® will not only cover the wound but also help the body to control the microenvironment, keeping tissue viable. Epiprotect® is available in a line of conformable wound dressings based on our eiratex® material technology. 
Epiprotect®Ulcer is a circular 8 cm in diameter wound dressing developed for healing of chronic ulcers. Like the bigger version, it comes packaged in salt solution and is ready for use.

S2 Medical Blood Stilling


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SafeStop® was developed for stilling of donor sites and after tangential excision of burn wounds but can be used in most cases of capillary bleedings. The conformability of the membrane and the physical adherence to the tissue stops the bleedings without the use of any pharmaceuticals. SafeStop is beneficial to use when adrenaline soaked gauze is not preferable, e.g. considering systemic effects of the adrenaline.

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