Radio network traffic is predominantly dynamic and with the currently present value-added service options, people want to communicate with their folks seamlessly and effortlessly. This requires the mobile networks to handle high data rates with not many hackles. The pressure is mounting on mobile operators to deliver high data traffic throughputs demanded by the subscribers. There are new technologies that promise higher spectral efficiency, which are the solutions for operators. But, to make this a successful strategy, attention must also be paid to the existing Radio Access Network’s performance. With the help of Telecom Gateway’s Radio Network Optimization service, we will provide you with the best performance strategy for your network. Radio network optimization is aimed to improve the performance of the network with existing resources. Our goal is to make better use of the existing network resources, to solve existing and potential problems and to identify possible solutions for future planning. Through our Radio Network Optimization service, the quality and resources usage of the network are greatly improved to achieve a balance between coverage, capacity, and quality.

Due to the mobility of subscribers and the complexity of radio propagation, most of network problems are caused by increasing subscribers and the changing radio environment. Radio Network Optimization is a continuous process that is required as the network evolves.

We offer the following services:

Network Audit and Optimization:

  • Analysis of existing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Development of new KPIs for management

Network Parameter Audit and Optimization:


Radio Parameter tuning

  • Power control
  • Handover parameters
  • Neighbour list audit
  • Unwanted and missing neighbours,
  • Co-channel neighbours’ identification

Hardware Performance

  • Antenna misalignment
  • Antenna Down tilt
  • Water Ingress
  • Poor Calibration of TRX
  • Feeder misconnection

Data Service Analysis, Test Evaluation and Optimization

  • Radio and Throughput Analysis
  • Analysis of Radio, Baseband and Backhaul Capacity
  • Expansion Plan recommendation
  • Capacity Routing and Wi-Fi offload Strategies

Benchmarking and Drive Test

  • Cell/Cluster Optimization Drive Testing
  • Competitor Network Benchmarking
  • Data Post Processing
  • Radio Coverage 0ptimization

Frequency / Scrambling Code Planning

  • Frequency identification and code planning
  • Frequency and Code Re-planning

Radio Network Interference Analysis

  • High Rise Optimization
  • 2G/3G Co-location Interference Issues
  • Interference Hunting
  • External Interferers, Intermodulation, Spurious etc.