3E’s history is that of a young company with long traditions. It is the story of a company that has provided the best services and technology to its customers and society. Let us tell you about this fascinating history!

3E Engineering was founded in 2001 as the first and only independent telecommunications training facility to serve the growing Middle Eastern and European markets. Being self-sufficient ensures that all courses present the most up-to-date practice and knowledge. Not only that, but we can also provide training with the support and collaboration of the world’s best independent telecoms training school.

In 2006, 3E Engineering was rebranded to become 3E SARL in order to cope with the increasing size and sophistication of projects, as well as to meet the increasing demand for high level quality services, consultancy, and products by the operators and vendors in this region. In addition to providing Technical Training, we now specialize in Business Development, Training Services, and Consultancy in two additional business lines other than Telecom: Bio-Medical and Petroleum. We have accomplished this by successfully investing in human resources and leveraging the wealth of skills and expertise developed and gained by its qualified personnel through years of hands-on involvement in various operations.

3E provides a diverse portfolio of services, consulting, and products while maintaining the highest level of customer satisfaction expected and required by today’s industry. Our workforce now consists of more than 70 qualified employees who have been trained in various aspects of the business through several successfully completed projects.